Welcome to LesBeReal.com!

This is a blog about a journey. A journey that is often not talked about by those who travel it. I’m not into labels, but the blog tagline describes the journey I am talking about. It’s a difficult topic to say the least. It’s filled with controversy. I am not here to make a statement about what I believe. I am here to chat about the realities of finding yourself in the apparent paradox of being a Christian and being gay. I will reflect back over my personal life, upbringing, and the battles fought over the years of dealing with these realities.

While there are places on the web where this topic is discussed, there is not much specifically taking the format of a personal blog, and not much specifically South African. I hope this blog serves it’s purpose – to encourage those on a similar journey, and those that know those on a similar journey.

To get started, take a look at “My Story“. I am writing this in parts, so keep checking back. Part 1 is available as an introduction.

Another section I have started, and growing in a phased approach is, the Myths section! This section is really to help straight people think and understand!

I will be updating this page soon.


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