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Myth 6: I’m Lesbian therefore I must be into you!

LOL! Oh my gosh! Yes, people still think this! I find it weird, funny and sad how some people’s “logic” works…

Ok, so you’re a straight girl, so you must be into ALL men!

Like I mentioned in Myth 3, chemistry is tough to explain, but our attraction to people works exactly the same way as it does for straight people… except maybe for 1 little thing… ­čśë

Myth 3: It’s just sexual perversion

Uh Erm! No! Wrong again! Do not generalise and make us all out to be sexual perverts, we’re not! Some of us may be.. but again there are probably more straight sexual perverts out there, so really, what’s the point?!

It amazes me how the homophobic among us cannot understand what being gay really means. For some reason, they fail to see that the very feelings they experience for the opposite sex are exactly the same as what we feel for the same sex. That includes a multitude of emotions and feelings that are not only sexual! Instead we’re reduced to being sexually screwed up people who obviously don’t know what real love is?!┬áRemember, we didn’t choose this.. it’s how we’re built! It’s natural for us. It’s just as awesome and exciting, and painful and scary, and everything else in between as what straight people feel for the opposite sex.

Chemistry is difficult to explain, and people cannot manufacture it.. it either happens or not.. for you it’s with the opposite sex.. for us it’s most often with the same sex, that’s all!