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My Story – Part 4 and 5: Published!

I must apologise for the delay in publishing part 4 and part 5 of “My Story“! I meant to post them this last weekend, but dare I say I was very surprisingly and pleasantly a little distracted! 😀

Please do send me feedback. I would love to hear from any of you who have been following my blog so far! Make comments on blog posts, send me a message, add me as a Facebook friend, become a fan of Les Be Real, follow me on Twitter… the options are endless! 🙂

Will Phillips (age 10) takes a stand for gay rights

Will Phillips, age 10, refused to stand and pledge allegiance to his country until gays and lesbians are legally allowed marry! Wow, what an inspiration!

Will Phillips for president! 🙂

Real Christianity – a refreshing sermon from Bayside Church

This is a sermon that I found so encouraging. It’s the kind of message that I wish more Christians (gay and straight) could hear. It is refreshing to know that there are churches out there who are challenging the way the church has treated homosexuals, and helping people to really think and understand what it really means to be gay.

This message is not about whether it is wrong or right to live in a loving, committed, long term, monogamous, Christian same-sex relationship, but rather how the Church (Christian people) should treat homosexual people. Thank you to Pastor Rob Buckingham for sharing this message.

Please listen to this message, and pass it along to people you think may be encouraged or challenged.

My Story – Part 3: Published!

Part 3 of “My Story” is now published. I have part 4 and 5 basically complete, so will probably publish those shortly too. I hope there are many of you being encouraged by my story. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments.

My Story – Part 2: Published!

I know some of you have been waiting for part 2 of “My Story” , and here it is! The good (or maybe bad) news, is that there are at least 2 more parts to come! 🙂

I have been writing and editing and reviewing and tweaking various drafts of “My Story” for a while now, and then had to take a break from it to focus on my final exam which has thankfully now come and gone! So, apologies for the wait, but I do now have more time to focus on more regular updates and postings on this blog. Part 3 and 4 of “My Story” are basically done, but I am not ready to publish them just yet. It won’t be long though, I promise! 🙂

Happy reading, and please, if you have any comments or just want to get in touch, please feel free to contact me! 🙂

Misty Irons: A Shining Example of a Straight Christian

Misty Irons is a straight, married with kids, evangelical Christian, but her attitude towards the LGBT community is a shining example to all! I had not heard of or come across Misty Irons or her writings before, but for years, she has been writing about the controversial topic of homosexuality and the Bible.

Misty has done what I believe ALL straight people should do.. and that is to step aside from our “built-in” beliefs and assumptions of what it means to be gay, and truly look at what it really means. She is one of what appears to be very few straight Christians out there, who has come to a real understanding of what it really means to be gay. In doing this, Misty does not judge, but has great compassion for the LGBT community. She has not compromised her faith in God, but rather (in my opinion) done exactly what Jesus would do in her love for God and all of His people in this world.

Listen to Misty Irons on the latest edition of GCN Radio.

Myth 7: Keep your kids away from us, we’re contagious!

Ok so maybe some of you are thinking this one is a little over the top – surely no-one actually believes this?! Well… hopefully not, but then I’m not convinced. It’s maybe not so much that people believe homosexuality is caught like a common cold, but rather that we must be a bad influence on society.

Here’s the thing… I believe that parents should raise their kids to respect all people, have open non-judgmental discussions with their kids about different people in the world, and teach them to find their own standing in God. That way, there should be no discrimination, and no fear of the mere presence of a gay or lesbian person having any impact on another. That said, if the child is in fact also gay, then they will probably feel some sort of understanding with the gay and lesbian people they meet. It would not be the gay person’s bad influence – it would be who they are.

The point is this… God so loved the world (the whole world)… that He sent His only Son to die… that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). There are no exclusions in that. And… even though there will always be many people in this world who do not believe in Him… that does not give any Christian the right to judge or discriminate against any other human being. We are all created by Him and in His image. We have no right to disrespect God’s creation, regardless of where they stand before Him. That is for God, and God only, to decide one day.

Another very important thing to note, is that I do not know a single gay person who would force, convince, or even desire anyone else to be gay… it’s not an easy life… just as mentioned in Myth 1… it’s not chosen… and why would it be?!

I won! I won!

I’m one of those people who never wins in competitions, raffles, lucky draws, etc. And to be honest, I guess half the reason is because I never enter such things.. unless I really like the prize… like the recent MacBook Pro giveaway on Facebook, or a brand new GTi! Anyways… I rather unexpectedly won a little something this last Saturday night!

A few friends of mine had invited me to join them at “Zee’s WOMEN’S GET TOGETHER” on Saturday. I said, cool, I’ll definitely be there. Come Saturday evening, I was rather comfortably curled up on my couch catching up on some Leverage (TV Series), and thinking driving all the way to Green Point at 10pm was not that appealing! Anyways, I got myself going and went through.

My Prize from Whet Sensuality Emporium

My Prize from Whet Sensuality Emporium

As usual, I recognised a lot of faces, but I am not exactly well known among the local lesbians! A few social lubricants down, and I met a bunch of people whose names I knew I would not remember, and had a good time on the dance floor. When we arrived, we were each given a ticket number to hold onto for the draw later on. Suddenly the lights came on, and it was draw time. A lot of numbers seemed to go missing, and then I heard it… “91”… my ticket! 🙂

I won some Aphrodisiac Massage Oil from Whet Sensuality Emporium! Nice! Thank you Whet and Zee! Now… all I need is a girlfriend to use it with! 😉