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Myth 1: I woke up one day and decided to be gay!

It’s actually hard to believe how clueless some people still are! Even now, in the 21st century, some people seem to think gay people woke up one day and made a choice. I mean, yeah, what a great idea! I want to be constantly ridiculed, judged, condemned, kicked out, rejected by family, and discriminated against, YES! What a great idea. Not to mention shrinking the pool of fish in the sea by an order of magnitude! Surely my chances of finding a soul mate would be better if I fish in my own pond! Les Be Real people.. ask any gay person.. they would not choose to be gay.. it’s a MUCH harder life to live.. do yourself a favour, and just think about it without all your ridiculous pre-conceived ideas.. and imagine if you were gay. In fact, scratch that.. if you are as straight as you may profess to be.. what on this earth would ever make you decide to change your mind and be gay?!