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Myth 4: We have no family values or care for them

Firstly, the definition of “family values” is somewhat ambiguous, or rather has varying interpretations in different contexts. When someone is referring to gays and lesbians however, they are probably talking about moral and social standards, predominantly based on traditional and biblical teaching, of the family unit, and how you raise your children. In other words, for a start, being LGBT goes against “family values”, because God created Adam and Eve, and the importance of both a male and a female parent are seen as necessary for healthy family life.

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Myth 2: Bad Parenting

I titled this bad parenting, but it entails any of the following: abuse, rape, distant mother, distant father, overbearing mother, overbearing father, and (for the “biblical” people) how about parents “not training their children in the way they should go” (Prov 22:6)?!

Firstly, how can you stand there and assume and cast judgement on anyone’s parents or upbringing?! Sadly, many gay people have suffered from some of the listed grievances. But, many have not (just ask Shannon K). Let’s not forget that plenty of people (probably more) in the world have suffered those very same grievances, and still remained perfectly straight!

As the for the Christians who might believe that if a person is gay that their parents did not train them in the way they should go.. well trust me.. I was taught very much the way I should go. That couldn’t make me straight, though I have constantly tried! And, I do have a very real relationship with God, and high moral and social standards. Many Christian families raise their children to the best of their ability in the ways of the Lord, and yet many Christian families have gay children. Of course, often not all the children are gay.. siblings raised in the same home and ways of the Lord may be straight, or they may be gay. It’s not up to the parents.

I am not saying that parenting, upbringing, and childhood circumstances and experiences do not have an impact on our lives, but it’s not what makes a person gay or straight. So, parents, stop blaming yourselves! And critics, stop judging us!