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So quiet?

I just wanted to apologise for being so quiet over the last couple of weeks. I fairly suddenly got retrenched, and therefore very suddenly no longer have my work laptop, which had all my LBR related goodies on it.

Since then, I have also been focusing heavily on getting my CV to the world, and setting up interviews, so my head has been focused rather strongly on that kind of thing.

Don’t worry though, I am not going away. I still have many plans for this blog, and I am determined to continue to post regularly.

Thank you to all my readers so far, and those that contact me personally… it is really appreciated! 🙂

Standby for more posts soon!

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Myth 9: You have to sleep with a man before you know you’re a lesbian

Once again, this is one of those myths that you simply turn around to prove how ridiculous it is: Did you have to sleep with the opposite sex before you knew you were straight? Or… have you slept with the same sex before knowing you’re straight? People know before they have sex with anyone who they are attracted to. This should be obvious! I don’t even think I need to elaborate on it. Do I?

I will just add this… the fact is that generally, especially for women, their first sexual experience is not great anyway! For many women, it hurts, or the guy is done in 30 seconds and she is left wondering… was that it?! So, even straight women would probably agree that simply trying sex with a man is not sufficient to establish whether one is gay or not. Straight women may not like their first sexual experiences with men, but remain perfectly straight!

And just to take it a little too far 😉 … I reckon that a lot of straight people who do in fact try sex with the same gender will find it surprisingly pleasing… so beware! 😉

Myth 8: You just haven’t met the right man yet!

Firstly, I personally know many straight single ladies who have not yet met their soulmate. I do not personally know any of these who have decided to switch teams because they have not met the right man yet… do you? If there are such individuals, they’re probably more likely bisexual if they are really honest!

Secondly, it is not because I personally have had any bad experiences with men. Sure, I know men I would definitely stay away from romantically, and I know many women who have unfortunately been hurt by men. This for the most part also does not make people switch teams.

I guess you would think it silly if I said to you, that you’re straight because you haven’t met the right [same sex as you] person yet? Well exactly! That’s why this myth is ridiculous!

Also, if you take a read through “My Story” you will find that I have not been avoiding meeting “the right man”. You will find that I am certainly not opposed to falling in love with a man… but that is not my natural inclination. And if I did end up with a man, that will not cure me of being attracted to women. I will always be attracted to women, but I am monogamous and committed, so if I end up with a man, then that is the person I will love with all my heart. I have known plenty of fantastic men in my life. Guys who certainly were very good marriage material, and most of them are now married! The point is that it is not about meeting the right man. Being gay or lesbian is about who we are attracted to, and in our case, it’s the same sex, not the opposite. It is not simply a case of meeting the right man.