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Myth 9: You have to sleep with a man before you know you’re a lesbian

Once again, this is one of those myths that you simply turn around to prove how ridiculous it is: Did you have to sleep with the opposite sex before you knew you were straight? Or… have you slept with the same sex before knowing you’re straight? People know before they have sex with anyone who they are attracted to. This should be obvious! I don’t even think I need to elaborate on it. Do I?

I will just add this… the fact is that generally, especially for women, their first sexual experience is not great anyway! For many women, it hurts, or the guy is done in 30 seconds and she is left wondering… was that it?! So, even straight women would probably agree that simply trying sex with a man is not sufficient to establish whether one is gay or not. Straight women may not like their first sexual experiences with men, but remain perfectly straight!

And just to take it a little too far 😉 … I reckon that a lot of straight people who do in fact try sex with the same gender will find it surprisingly pleasing… so beware! 😉