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Myth 6: I’m Lesbian therefore I must be into you!

LOL! Oh my gosh! Yes, people still think this! I find it weird, funny and sad how some people’s “logic” works…

Ok, so you’re a straight girl, so you must be into ALL men!

Like I mentioned in Myth 3, chemistry is tough to explain, but our attraction to people works exactly the same way as it does for straight people… except maybe for 1 little thing… šŸ˜‰

We all judge, don’t we?

One of the things I hate the most in this world, is judgement! When people judge others. It is something we have all experienced being on the receiving end of.. especially if you are gay!

But, let’s face it, in some way or another, we are all judges! It seems to be built in to our humanity. Somewhere along the line, our need to compare ourselves to others causes a judgement, and results in a divide. This judgement is almost subconcious. We don’t realise how often we do in fact judge others. I think it’s possibly less obvious in circumstances whereby the general population might agree with your view. READ MORE…

Myth 5: We sleep around and aren’t monogamous

Once again, a generalisation of note! And, one that is certainly not limited to homosexuality! Come on people, Les Be Real! Yes, there are many gay and lesbian people who sleep around. Yes, there are many who don’t seem to commit and settle down. But let’s not forget all the heterosexuals in the same boat! And, more importantly, let’s not forget those gays and lesbians who are monogamous, notĀ promiscuous, and those who’ve chosen celibacy!

FYI: Another New Site for SA Lesbians!

I wanted to share some more “Les-Link-Love”, and let you know about another cool site I recently came across! Les Loveground is a new site specifically for South African Lesbians and Bisexual women! Wooohooo.. it looks to be a promising place to hang out, chat, meet people, etc.. both online and offline! šŸ™‚ Check out the Events section for group meetups!

Myth 4: We have no family values or care for them

Firstly, the definition of “family values” is somewhat ambiguous, or rather has varying interpretations in different contexts. When someone is referring to gays and lesbians however, they are probably talking about moral and social standards,Ā predominantlyĀ based on traditional and biblical teaching, of the family unit, and how you raise your children. In other words, for a start, being LGBT goes against “family values”, because God created Adam and Eve, and the importance of both a male and a female parent are seen as necessary for healthy family life.

Many gay and lesbian READ MORE…

The Bible and Homosexuality – will this debate ever end?!

The reality to this debate, is that both sides have very strong points of view. If you are not familiar with these “sides”, take a look at these (as a starting point, there are loads of other places on the web): Soulforce – What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality and Leadership U – Homosexual Theology. It’s the very reason there is still so much controversy around those who claim to be both gay and Christian. Both sides have numerous theologians, researchers, and otherĀ academics, presenting their interpretations and counterviews on the subject.

I for one… READ MORE…

Myth 3: It’s just sexual perversion

Uh Erm! No! Wrong again! Do not generalise and make us all out to be sexual perverts, we’re not! Some of us may be.. but again there are probably more straight sexual perverts out there, so really, what’s the point?!

It amazes me how the homophobic among us cannot understand what being gay really means. For some reason, they fail to see that the very feelings they experience for the opposite sex are exactly the same as what we feel for the same sex. That includes a multitude of emotions and feelings that are not only sexual! Instead we’re reduced to being sexually screwed up people who obviously don’t know what real love is?!Ā Remember, we didn’t choose this.. it’s how we’re built! It’s natural for us. It’s just as awesome and exciting, and painful and scary, and everything else in between as what straight people feel for the opposite sex.

Chemistry is difficult to explain, and people cannot manufacture it.. it either happens or not.. for you it’s with the opposite sex.. for us it’s most often with the same sex, that’s all!

More Links

I’ve added a new Local link category in addition to the Gay Christian link category. Here you will find links I add to South African blogs and resources. The first being Cape Town Lesbians (CTL).

Also, I have added a link to the Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church for those who would like to attend an accepting / inclusive church. I have not (yet) visited this church, so I cannot give any personal opinion on it.

Lastly, Melanie Lowe is someone I have always thought was “like me”! šŸ™‚ She’s awesome, and I have a lot of respect for her. I was very sad to miss her recent Living the Truth tour! šŸ™

Enjoy, and please don’t forget, if you’re browsing around this site and have something to say, I would love to hear from you!

Myth 2: Bad Parenting

I titled this bad parenting, but it entails any of the following: abuse, rape, distant mother, distant father, overbearing mother, overbearing father, and (for the “biblical” people) how about parents “not training their children in the way they should go” (Prov 22:6)?!

Firstly, how can you stand there and assume and cast judgement on anyone’s parents or upbringing?! Sadly, many gay people have suffered from some of the listedĀ grievances. But, many have not (just ask Shannon K). Let’s not forget that plenty of people (probably more)Ā in the world have suffered those very same grievances, and still remained perfectly straight!

As the for the Christians who might believe that if a person is gay that their parents did not train them in the way they should go.. well trust me.. I was taught very much the way I should go. That couldn’t make me straight, though I have constantly tried! And, I do have a very real relationship with God, and high moral and social standards. Many Christian families raise their children to the best of their ability in the ways of the Lord, and yet many Christian families have gay children. Of course, often not all the children are gay.. siblings raised in the same home and ways of the Lord may be straight, or they may be gay. It’s not up to the parents.

I am not saying that parenting, upbringing, and childhood circumstances and experiences do not have an impact on our lives, but it’s not what makes a person gay or straight. So, parents, stop blaming yourselves! And critics, stop judging us!

Gay Christian Links and Resources

I’ve added a few links to the right column so far. More will be added over time.

I wanted to say though, that this blog is not about me trying to convince anyone of “truth”. I believe we are each responsible before God for our own lives. I do believe people should research and study and discover ALL points of view on subjects before finding their peace with what they believe. It may be that some of the links provided here are very much one-sided in their beliefs, but I will try to provide balance.

Some specifics to look at:

  • Gay Christian Network (GCN): This is probably the biggest and most well known Gay Christian organisation. I’d like to highlight their “Great Debate” resource for those who are searching. Justin (Side A) believes God blesses gay marriage, while Ron (Side B) believes Gay Christians are called toĀ celibacy.
  • This site has some good resources onĀ interpretingĀ the Bible, as well as other Psychological and Medical points of view on homosexuality.
  • Les Be Pure: I discovered this site which happens to have a similar naming convention to mine (clever peeps šŸ™‚ ). This is interesting, as Kori Ashton was part of an “ex-gay” movement for years, but is now happily engaged to her partner Rebecca.
  • I am a Gay Christian: This site looks to have a lot of good resources. I think it’s still fairly new.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know about an excellent sermon from Gateway Church in Texas.

I hope you find some of these resources useful. As mentioned above, I am not trying to push any belief, but rather encourage research and thought and discussion. šŸ™‚

Les Be Real! šŸ™‚