The Bible and Homosexuality – will this debate ever end?!

The reality to this debate, is that both sides have very strong points of view. If you are not familiar with these “sides”, take a look at these (as a starting point, there are loads of other places on the web): Soulforce – What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality and Leadership U – Homosexual Theology. It’s the very reason there is still so much controversy around those who claim to be both gay and Christian. Both sides have numerous theologians, researchers, and other academics, presenting their interpretations and counterviews on the subject.

I for one… am no theologian. I will never learn the original Hebrew and Greek languages and culture of the time, and go try interpret these scriptures for myself. But I do read what others have researched and concluded. I can see the case for both sides. I say this because I continue to read both points of view. I believe everyone (gay AND straight) should with an open heart before God, research and study these scriptures and the commentary on them.

From there, I think there comes a time when one must stop re-reading the debate over and over (as I still find myself doing), because it is actually all the same. It’s not going to change. If you have read both sides, and are truly open to finding what God wants to say to you, then do that. Read, research, pray, and then leave it alone, and find peace with what you believe God has revealed to you by His Holy Spirit.

Once you have personally found peace for yourself.. understand that you have found your revelation (whatever that may be), and that quite possibly others find theirs, which may be different to yours. Whether you are gay or straight, or believe same-sex relationships are right or wrong, it is not for you to judge another. Only God is the judge.

On this note, and to ensure no misunderstanding, see this post by Kori Ashton. I am not saying take what you read and form a belief system that fits you. I am saying read both sides with your heart open to the one true God, to hear His voice, reveal to you His truth (not necessarily the truth that suits you best).

I personally don’t see any end to this debate. I think it will continue to be the most controversial topic in modern Christianity. I just hope and pray that people learn not to judge others, and that this “debate” never becomes a war. Too many people have already suffered, whether physically or emotionally, and it is the saddest thing.

I can guarantee you, that many many Christians who discover and begin to accept that they are gay, fight with this issue intensely. It takes a huge toll on us. We are Christians, and we are human beings. We want to serve God and please Him. We want to live our lives for eternity with Him. We love Him and worship Him. But we are also gay. We did not choose it. We know God loves us. We will live our earthly lives to the best of our ability. Don’t judge us or think we have not grappled with the Bible on this one.

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  1. Joe Carson says:

    Hi – great blog you have here. I love reading sites about religion – they are so educational. Thank you for having this one. The internet can be a real blessing, even though some people don’t realize that and use it badly. I am always interested in reading online about Christianity and this site is very thought-provoking. I don’t have time to read all of the articles here right now, I found this site when looking for something else on Google, but I’ve bookmarked your homepage and will visit again soon to see the latest news. What is your preferred translation of the Bible? I think they are all good, don’t really have a favorite myself. I have a blog with Biblical passages on it. Please bookmark it – it as at I just redesigned the site with a new look and feel, please let me know what you think of the new layout. Have a great week. God’s Peace!

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