I won! I won!

I’m one of those people who never wins in competitions, raffles, lucky draws, etc. And to be honest, I guess half the reason is because I never enter such things.. unless I really like the prize… like the recent MacBook Pro giveaway on Facebook, or a brand new GTi! Anyways… I rather unexpectedly won a little something this last Saturday night!

A few friends of mine had invited me to join them at “Zee’s WOMEN’S GET TOGETHER” on Saturday. I said, cool, I’ll definitely be there. Come Saturday evening, I was rather comfortably curled up on my couch catching up on some Leverage (TV Series), and thinking driving all the way to Green Point at 10pm was not that appealing! Anyways, I got myself going and went through.

My Prize from Whet Sensuality Emporium

My Prize from Whet Sensuality Emporium

As usual, I recognised a lot of faces, but I am not exactly well known among the local lesbians! A few social lubricants down, and I met a bunch of people whose names I knew I would not remember, and had a good time on the dance floor. When we arrived, we were each given a ticket number to hold onto for the draw later on. Suddenly the lights came on, and it was draw time. A lot of numbers seemed to go missing, and then I heard it… “91”… my ticket! 🙂

I won some Aphrodisiac Massage Oil from Whet Sensuality Emporium! Nice! Thank you Whet and Zee! Now… all I need is a girlfriend to use it with! 😉

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